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Red Dwarf V

April 24, 2020

[School of Everything Else 2020]

The long-running British sci-fi comedy series gets its first podcast with us. We picked the season that's easiest to get into and most immediately funny. If a lot of people like this one and especially if newcomers get into Red Dwarf (currently available on Netflix UK and Britbox) then we will record more shows.

A ragtag crew of losers on their way back to Earth cross paths with all manner of androids, genetic mutants and time travel phenomena. Aboard we have Dave Lister, maybe the last human slob alive, Arnold Rimmer, the holographic projection of his pedantic boss, a fussy mechanoid named Kryten and a preening evolved feline known only as The Cat. They are semi-guided by the super-genius A.I. Holly who may have gone a bit strange over three million years. 

It is delightful how this show has held up over the decades, and if you're unfamiliar you're in for a treat. 


Hollywoo Actress  Maya Santandrea @Mayasantandrea 

Derrick Ritchie @thenewdelboy  

Kat Essman @Kat325 


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