School of Movies

Raising a Geek Child: Vol. 2

March 16, 2018

[School of Everything Else 2018]

We're back for the second part of this series (we may do another in the future, it really depends which parents want to contribute their experiences). 

We have an even broader range of guests and questions, with geeky children ranging from toddlers to tweens. 



Jesse Ferguson father of Connor aged 10 & Erin aged 15 

James Batchelor father of Freddy aged 20 months (Bond & Beyond)

Matt Wardle father of Scott aged 12 (New Century)

Brittanie Boe mother of Hailey Boe aged 8 (BeBoldGames)

And Mike Hearn father of Lily aged 8 & Violet aged 3 (Walter the Wicked)

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