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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

June 14, 2019

[School of Movies 2019]

A film that immediately filled the majority of critics with derision, disdain and disgust. Now we don't want to say the majority of critics are wrong, but if they're saying there's no character to this and nothing below the surface then we don't have much choice, do we?

Because what we have here is a joyful epic, a loopy sci-fi about the old Gods coming back to reclaim the Earth, leaving mankind running around their gargantuan feet just hoping the more benevolent ones win. But those Gods are representational, and that conflict means something. 

For fans of kaiju movies this is the big-budget fun-fest they've always dreamed of. For us, we see a measure of depth and detail that is being overlooked by almost everyone (much like with Pacific Rim) and spotlighting that nuance is what this show was made for. 

To help us out and put things in perspective we recruited a crew of Godzilla fans who adored this film.


Bob Chipman  @the_moviebob  of The Escapist &

Brendan Foley @TheTrueBrendanF of Cinapse

Dan Hoeppner  @MightyMegatron0  of Leftover Army Monsters

And we are @SchoolOfMovies 

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