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Get Out

March 29, 2019

[School of Movies 2019]

With Jordan Peele's second film, Us tearing up cinemas right now we figured the time was exactly right to explore his densely symbolic, thrilling debut Get Out. This is a movie that does not pull its punches. It's kind of amazing that it exists at all, considering the deeply uncomfortable system-damning subtext. 

A young fellow named Chris journeys with his girlfriend to visit her parents, and there's some conflict. We can all agree on the universality of this premise, but Peele deftly takes the audience and puts them behind someone else's eyes to accomplish something truly unnerving. Definitely see the film before listening. 

And as with Captain Marvel's lineup of ladies, rather than being two white liberal podcasters churning out our reading from the outside we brought in guests of colour to lend some sharp perspective. 


Aquila Edwards @aquilaedwards

Eric Jones of Waxing Cinematic

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