School of Movies

Catch Me if You Can

November 6, 2020

[School of Movies 2020]

It's safe to say that right now we all need something relaxing and engaging. Luckily Spielberg is right here for us with this 1960s period piece about a charming teenage confidence trickster, and the straight-laced government agent trying to bring him in.

One of the greatest pleasures of this year-long exploration of Steve's work has been rediscovering just how fantastic this particular movie is, especially in HD. It's stylish and exciting, touching and bittersweet. And since it's based on a true story it's also fascinating to watch how far this kid will push his theatrics. 

Two of the best, most understated performances from both Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, at a very specific turning-point for cinema, accompanied by the coolest of jazzy John Williams scores. Next week we round off our Indiana Jones saga with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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