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A.I. Artificial Intelligence

October 9, 2020

[School of Movies 2020]

What existed for years as an ongoing project for Stanley Kubrick became one of the only treehouses he let his friend Steven in on. Eventually Stan decided his approach alone could not ideally shape A.I. for the screen, and that this story needed Spielberg to direct. Stan offered to play producer.

And then he died.

So Steven picked up the pre-production art, concepts and development, including the Robin Williams footage directed and recorded by Kubrick himself, abandoned what script existed and wrote one himself for only the second time. He then made a dark fairy-tale about humankind and our robotic children whom we both neglect and abuse. It ends up a requiem for a self-destructive civilization that could not overcome their fear and anger. And at the heart of it is a little robot boy who has been irresponsibly programmed to love one human mother forever. 

Of all of Spielberg's films to give a second chance at absorbing the depths and the shadows and the heartbreak, *this one* may top them all.  


Chris Chipman of The Chipman Bros Tangent @The Chippa

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