School of Movies

10 Possible Futures

October 30, 2020

[School of Everything Else 2020]

This is a special episode deliberately timed to around the American Election and not far off the official Brexit from Europe. It's a time of great anxiety, so we wanted to give ourselves and our listeners a dose of perspective.

So I've collated ten different types of future seen in movies, and I've ranked them from the very worst to the very best. That way we can talk them all through in order, starting with horrendous scenarios that make what we're experiencing right now maybe not quite so utterly apocalyptic in our minds. And we finish on visions of unity, cooperation and progress that might give us something to hope for.


Hollywoo Actress  Maya Santandrea @Mayasantandrea

Brendan Agnew of Cinapse  @BLCAgnew

Jesse Ferguson of Recorded Tomorrow @TheDapperDM

Neil Taylor of TheKidDogg

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