The Force Awakens

December 25, 2015

[School of Movies 2015]

Part 1: A film so important and so passionately adored by us that we needed two shows and two groups of guests to fully cover, welcome to part 1 of our Force Awakens show. With us for this first outing in which we discuss Rey, Finn, Ren, Han, Huxx, Snoke and the hugely positive side of this effectively being a retelling of the events of A New Hope.

Part 2: The second installment in our epic Force Awakens show brings in three new voices and a Star Destroyer-full of speculation.  We move onto the characters we have not yet covered, as well as talking details and theorizing wildly about later movies in this series as well as talking about how the landscape of Star Wars in cinema has now changed forever. 

Jerome McIntosh of GameBurst
James Carter of Cane and Rinse
Parris Lilly of Film Tangent
James Batchelor of the Bond and Beyond
Alex Eding of Plaid Hat Games

The Phantom Menace

October 5, 2010

[Digital Gonzo 2010]

While I was still recording Digital Cowboys, the video game podcast I began with Tony Atkins and Paul Shotton in 2007, in early 2010 I began a new feed with a series of audio articles under the name Gonzo Gaming. After a dozen of them I kicked off the first of what would become hundreds of dedicated, movie-focused discussion shows. This was soon renamed Digital Gonzo. I started off with a movie series that's been with me since before I knew what movies were, Star Wars. 


Neil Taylor of TheKidDogg

Gary Blower of GameBurst