November 4, 2012

[Digital Gonzo 2012]

Time to cover the 2005 movie that closed out the TV series. Take a journey with us on the final flight of Serenity, a superb, funny, clever, emotional and mostly ignored Sci-Fi cult classic, destined to travel on and find new audiences, decades and even centuries into our future.

Stick around to the end for some goram hilarious outtakes and a wonderful version of the Firefly Theme from Michelle Dockrey entitled “Mal’s Song”.


Sharon Shaw of School of Movies

Leah Haydu of Some Other Castle

Joshua Garrity of Cane and Rinse

Matt Ramsey of GamerDork

Gary Blower of GameBurst



October 18, 2012

[Digital Gonzo 2012]

This is both parts of the epic Firefly podcast, covering every episode of the short-lived, long-loved show. 

Cut off some way before its prime, this exists as a cautionary tale never to trust a Fox but also as a wistful glimpse of what might have been one of the (empirically speaking) best TV shows of all time. Fourteen episodes, broadcast completely out of order with the beginning at the end and three left unaired, followed up by a cinematic outing that made one bag of popcorn less than its budget, Firefly is the perennial underdog. Perhaps this is why Browncoats, the die hard fans have one thing in common; the passionate, romantic inability to look facts in the face and accept defeat.

On the show; six Browncoats. Leah Haydu and Sharon Shaw of DorkCast, Matt Ramsey of DorkCast and Dorktunes, Gary Blower of GameBurst and Joshua Garrity of Cane and Rinse. I of course stride around barking out orders in my tight pants, all gussied up with airs and graces as captain of this particular boat. 

* The Pilot 
* The Train Job
* Bushwacked
* Shindig
* Safe
* Our Mrs Reynolds 
* Jaynestown

* Out of Gas
* Arial
* War Stories
* Trash
* The Message
* Heart of Gold
* Objects in Space