The Lego Batman Movie

February 24, 2017

Bob Moviebob Chipman and Brendan Agnew join us to delve into this deconstruction of the Batman mythos. While we do talk a lot about the movie, there's a great deal of pop culture analysis, examining the disparity between the colourful crime-fighter and the 'roided-up, armoured monster. I think that approach ended up kind of appropriate, since the film itself devotes much of its running time to the same concept, making the incidental events a lot less important than what they're actually saying.

Expect a hell of a lot of fun, some moments that are more than likely to become podcast memes and the messy business of taking to task overly obnoxious DC fans.

Reference Videos:

Cracked: So You Want to be Batman / Modern American History (As Taught by Batman Movies)
Folding Ideas: Everyone Batman Kills in BVS (And Why It Matters)
We Hate Movies: Mailbag (One Ticked Off BvS Superfan)
Moviebob: Does Batman Need a New Origin
School of Movies/Gonzo Planet: How to Fix The DC Movies With Just One Superman Film
Last Week Tonight: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization

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Batman: Breakdown [Audio Drama]

August 9, 2016

[SOEE #39]

This is my first full-length audio drama. It was designed to be enjoyed by comic fans but also to people who are only familiar with the Nolan films the Arkham video games or the Animated Series.

I wanted to write something significant, honest and authentic about the Batman legend and with a lot of help from long-time serious Bat-fan, David Hartrick, I was able to shape a series of ideas into a hopefully coherent story. None of the cast, including myself are professional actors, but we all worked very hard to capture the essence of the characters we portrayed.

The writing, organisation and editing all of this together took dozens of hours, but it's been equal parts exhausting and rewarding. I'd of course ideally love to see this adapted into a comic mini-series or animated movie someday (hint, hint, DC).

Oh and for Batman enthusiasts, take note, this is an Elseworlds tale that takes place after the 2005 storyline Under the Hood, but before the 2006 storyline Infinite Crisis.

Script: Alex Shaw

Story: Alex Shaw & David Hartrick

Editing: Alex Shaw


Bruce Wayne/Batman: Alex Shaw

Barbara Gordon/Oracle: Leah Haydu

Dick Grayson/Nightwing: Neil Taylor

Tim Drake/Robin: Daniel Floyd

Clark Kent/Superman: James Batchelor

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: Tara Nelson

Selina Kyle/Catwoman: Cassandra Corgard

Alfred Pennyworth: Matthew Ramsey

Doctor Jennifer Whitman: Sharon Shaw

Cops: Matt Whetter/Sharon Shaw/Alex Shaw

Thieves: Neil Taylor/Matt Whetter/Alex Shaw

Bank Clerk: Cassandra Corgard

Estelle: Tara Nelson

David Hartrick writes for In Bed With Maradona, the award-winning home of World Football,

Also the website 500 Reasons to Love Football.

You can buy his books on football at Ockley Books.

You can see Daniel Floyd's fantastic animated lectures on the video game industry over at Extra Credits

Neil Taylor co-hosts a podcast named GameBurst (which also previously featured James Batchelor)

If you like this production and you believe, like we do, that as many people as possible should hear this then please suggest it to everyone you know who likes a good Batman story. Tweet about it, make a big deal on FaceBook, post YouTube comments, leave an iTunes review, get this thing heard.


I've been supremely hard at work on my original audio drama series New Century for the past year. If you like this production you'll love hearing where I go with what I learned.

However I think I'm done with Batman audio drama for the time being. It's very unlikely I'll do Hush and Breakdown is almost impossible to follow up on in a satisfying way. Believe me, David and I have gone over potential plots and it really feels better to leave the future of Gotham ambiguous.

I'm not saying never, lord knows I have bats in my belfry, but for now let's just say this and the Killing Joke were my two forays into the Dark Knight mythology. 


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

April 8, 2016

[SOM #152]

We start off with my initial thoughts on coming back from the cinema. The first 16 minutes is relatively spoiler-free and Sharon asks me the following questions. Then we get to the rotten meat of the whole bloody affair. 

Then there’s a considerably more positive ten minute piece from Eric Jones 

Then we hit the main event and Bob Chipman joins myself, Sharon Shaw and Jerome McIntosh to discuss the film in a more meta context, including what DC Warner’s options are, moving forward. 

00.00.30: First Impressions
00.40.00: A More Positive Response
00.56.00: The Main Event

Batman: The Making of The Killing Joke

February 16, 2013

[SOEE #38]

Grab hold of a copy of the Killing Joke in book form and if you don’t have one to hand, follow this nifty link to an online copy

We’re going to take you through page by page, panel by panel and discuss what it took to turn this into an audio drama and then a motion comic. Joining me I have Matt Ramsey of the Do Try This at Home podcast; AKA Commissioner Jim Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth. Matt’s partner in crime Sharon Shaw who played Jeannie and Street Girl. And for the first time on Gonzo, newcomer Laureta Sela who played Barbara Gordon.

We'll be talking about the complex character of The Joker as depicted here, voices, casting, music, sound FX, the process of directing remotely and my plans for future audio dramas. The next will be an adaptation of the epic Batman story: Hush, which is at least four times the size of Killing Joke. 

The following roles are yet to be filled...

  • Poison Ivy
  • Killer Croc
  • Superman
  • Lois Lane
  • Huntress
  • Ra’s Al Ghul
  • Talia Al Ghul
  • Nightwing
  • Riddler
  • Scarecrow
  • Lady Shiva

Plus brief appearances by Amanda Waller and Lex Luthor and dozens of parts for cops, agents, superstitious, cowardly criminals, henchmen and other Gothamites. 

My intention is to get as much as possible of the recording done in conference calls so that I can help with direction and the cast can bounce off one another for emotional beats and find a unified tone for every scene. It’s going to be hard work, but you’ve already seen that the outcome is worth all the effort.


Spoilers for Batman: Breakdown throughout so listen to that (rather good) show first if you haven't already. 


Batman: The Killing Joke [Audio Drama]

February 15, 2013

[SOEE #37]

This is an audio drama adaptation of The Killing Joke: written by Alan Moore, and originally illustrated by Brian Bolland for DC comics in 1988.

This show is dedicated to Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, two of my all-time heroes. Their inspirational work is a key reason why I love Batman so much, and their immense talent as voice-over artists is what made me want to produce performance pieces like this. I hold out hope that one day we will get to hear them perform Killing Joke as an official radio play or better yet, a DC animated film. 

All credit to Alan Moore for his excellent writing. The few minor changes I made were to facilitate the audio format. Also artist Brian Bolland whose striking imagery I wish I could convey. 
If you would like to collaborate on turning this into a motion comic to deliver the visual side of the story, or if you have any other questions please contact me at

If you enjoyed this, do please check out Batman: Breakdown, which is an original story written by myself and rendered into an accompanying audio drama. You can find it on YouTube or along with hundreds of my movie, video gaming and comic book podcasts over at Gonzo Planet dot com. As a bonus for newcomers I've included the first six minutes of Breakdown to act as a taster at the close of this production.

A huge thank you to my cast, without whom, this would be a considerably less vibrant production.

Cast (in order of appearance) 

JOKER/JACK – Alex Shaw
BATMAN – Alex Shaw
JIM GORDON – Matt Ramsey
GUARD BILL – Jerome McIntosh
BOB BONUS – Daniel Floyd
JEANNIE – Sharon Shaw
BARBARA GORDON – Lauretta Sela
GANGSTER JOE – Lorin Grieve
GANGSTER JAKE – Alex Spencer
DOCTOR – Joshua Garrity
CIRCUS FREAKS – Matt Whetter
DETECTIVE MOORE – James Batchelor
OFICER BOLLAND – Nama Chibitty
DON SENIOR – Matt Whetter
ROB SENIOR – Andres Rodriguez
GAMBOL – Aquila Edwards
STREET GIRL – Sharon Shaw
CREDITS - Giles Thomas

There will be more adaptations like these on the road to the epic follow-up to Batman: Breakdown. If you would like to be a part of them them drop me an email. 

Of course including some audio of yourself performing Batman characters would definitely stand in your favour. 


Batman: A Graphic Novel History

February 14, 2013

[SOEE #36]

This episode we present you with Batman's full comic book career as a chronological reading list. We begin with Frank Miller's seminal Year One and work all the way up to the current run on New 52. This has been angled to allow newcomers to get an understanding of Batman on the printed page and give you a little after-school reading to do.

Joining me once again are David Hartrick and Matt Ramsey. This show has an ending I didn't expect and couldn't have planned for. 

Batman’s History Through Graphic Novels.

1. Year One (Frank Miller 1987)
2. The Man Who Laughs (Ed Brubaker 2005) 
3. The Long Halloween (Jeph Loeb 1996) 
4. Dark Victory (Jeph Loeb 1999) 
5. The Killing Joke (Alan Moore 1988) 
6. The Cult (Jim Starlin 1988)
7. A Death in the Family (Jim Starlin 1988) 
8. A Lonely Place of Dying (Marv Wolfman 1989) 
9. Arkham Asylum (Grant Morrison 1989)
10. Knightfall (Chuck Dixon / Dennis O’Neil 1993) 
11. No Man’s Land (Greg Rucka / Chuck Dixon 1999)
12. Mad Love (Paul Dini / Bruce Timm 1994)
13. Hush (Jeph Loeb  2002) 
14. Gotham Central (Greg Rucka / Ed Brubaker 2003)
15. Under the Hood (Judd Winick 2005) 
16. Batman and Son (Grant Morrison 2006)
17. Batman R.I.P (Grant Morrison 2008)
18. Battle for the Cowl (Tony Daniel 2009)
19. The Black Mirror (Scott Snyder 2011)
20. A Court of Owls/Night of the Owls (Scott Snyder 2011)
21. The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller 1986)

Justice League Graphic Novels

1. Kingdom Come (Mark Waid 1996)
2. Superman / Batman: Public Enemies (Jeph Loeb 2003)
3. Identity Crisis (Brad Meltzer 2004)

Elseworlds and other Books

1. Flashpoint (Geoff Johns 2011)
2. Gotham by Gaslight (Bryan Augustyn 1989)
3. Legends of the Dark Knight: Faces (1993 James D. Hudnall)
4. Legends of the Dark Knight: Blades (1994 James Robinson)
5. Legends of the Dark Knight: Images (1995 Dennis O’Neil)
6. Earth to Earth Swamp Thing Vol. 5 (Alan Moore 2002)


The Making of Batman: Breakdown

February 14, 2013

[SOEE #40]

This is a two part epic investigation into the making of Batman: Breakdown. 
There's so much detail, so many hidden references and so much forethought behind the writing and production that this ended up needing two shows to contain it.

I am joined by Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits who played Robin, Neil Taylor of KDS 2.0 who played Nightwing and Sharon Shaw of Gonzo Planet who played Doctor Jennifer Whitman. There is also an extensive discussion between myself and story editor David Hartrick of the wildly popular football website In Bed with Maradona.

Between us we deconstruct the many complex, continuity-accurate and psychologically sound aspects of this dramatic, emotional, disturbing story of The Dark Knight. I've spent a long time layering in audio to give context to the dialogue and make this an entertaining, enlightening document of what might be the best single piece of work I've ever put out there.

Also outtakes. Those are great too.

In the second half we deconstruct the story elements and discuss how said elements were constructed to make this feel like a real part of the Batman story.

Discussed here are the later scenes and the climax. At the very end there is a special treat in the shape of EPIC OUTTAKES. As well as this the tantalizing prospect of further installments to this new continuity.

Once again a huge thank you to everyone involved in making this,  Sassy, Tara, Matt Ramsey and Matt Whetter, James and Leah, David Hartrick on Story and my guests Sharon, Neil and Dan.


Batman: Arkham Asylum / Arkham City

February 3, 2013

[SOEE #33]

Two of the finest games focused on a comic book hero, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are the subject of this week’s show. This is 50+ hours of content to cram into 123 minutes but my team of assembled guests are once again entirely dedicated to their art.

They’re enormous and filled with secrets and we endeavour to uncover and explore some of the more intriguing aspects. We look at these cocktails of Batman history, character representation and citing the responses of FilmCritHulk the knotty situation of gender issues inherent in a small but significant percentage of one of these titles.

In the Batcave; Neil Taylor of GameBurst, KDS 2.0 and Desert Island Gonzo and Jerome McIntosh and Paul Gibson of Gonzo Planet.


Batman: Hush

February 2, 2013

[SOEE #32]

This week rather than looking at another Batman movie, I've turned my attention to my favourite of his many graphic novels.

Hush was written in 2002 by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee and is a mystery thriller featuring a massive cast of heroes and villains, manipulated from the shadows by a brilliant and malevolent masked figure named Hush, who seems to know far too much about Batman.

The art is wonderful, the writing compelling. This is a story filled with moments that will make you cheer and gasp. An absolute 100% recommendation from myself and my team today; Paul Gibson and Jerome McIntosh of Gonzo Planet. We endeavour to talk you through the key details of the story without spoiling the overall mystery, assisted by an excellent article by a new contributor David Hartrick.

This Sunday we look at three quality animated outings; Year One, Under the Red Hood and Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Next week, in-depth video game reviews of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.


The Fifty Shades Trilogy [Books]

February 1, 2013

[SOEE #31]

It's taken over a year, but Sharon has finally completed her read through of E.L. James' Fifty Shades trilogy. This episode is a compilation of material from different shows to give you a full review series. In principle it's a two and a half hour rant on her part about this skewed, uninformed and often just plain wrongheaded view of women, men, sex, relationships, hetero-normativity, wealth, worth and abuse, both physical and psychological. In execution it's a blistering hellstorm of righteous indignation and high-pitched shrieking. You have been warned.

00.01.10: Fifty Shades of Grey (From DorkCast #5)
00.49.00: Fifty Shades Darker (From the DorkCast Fifty Shades Special)
01.25.00: Fifty Shades Freed (Digital Drift #6)

You will also hear Tony Atkins of Cane and Rinse with a reading from the first book at 37.40 which was originally on The Same Coin podcast episode #11. The DorkCast episodes were produced by and hosted by Leah Haydu and you will also hear a little of Matt Ramsey.

It goes without saying; very very obscene content!

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