Doctor Who: The Movie

March 31, 2017

We've had several requests over the course of our show to cover THE ENTIRETY of Doctor Who, or even just "Everything since 2005". Eventually one commissioning Whovian named Andy Nattan came around with a suggestion that would neatly incorporate our knowledge of the Doctor into a discussion about one fairly hilariously bad TV movie made in 1996. It also constitutes (almost) the entire onscreen appearance of the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, who was rather good (when he stopped SCREAMING).

So whether you love Who, like it or think it's a load of old toss you'll almost certainly enjoy listening to us talk with long-time Seventh Doctor fan Neil Taylor about this failed pilot, starring Eric Roberts as The Terminator, featuring a really REALLY accurate clock, a wibbly window and a jizz-snake.


Ms. Marvel

March 24, 2017

In 2013 a brand new Marvel character was introduced to the world, one who is very reminiscent of classic Peter Parker, a goofy, hapless, sweet-natured teenager who just wants to help people. She's also the world's premier, headlining Muslim superhero, and very much due a movie or TV series to bring her to mass popularity like those who came before her.

In tonight's episode we are joined by Alasdair Stuart, owner of Escape Artists and longtime comic-book expert, to enthusiastically discuss why the younger generations are already loving Kamala Khan, and why she's so important in the grand scheme.

You don't have to have read any of her comics, but by the end of this you will want to. 

This was a commissioned show, and we kick off with some important (and good news) about future commissions. 


Legends of Zelda III

March 17, 2017

This is the third show I have put together about the Legend of Zelda series. The first was back in 2010 for Digital Cowboys when we covered most of the games in the series. The second was in early 2012 on Digital Gonzo when we covered the contentious Skyward Sword on the Wii (This episode is now available exclusively through Patreon). This time we're looking at a bunch that we missed first time round, and one or two that have emerged more recently.

2001. Oracle of Seasons/Ages
2004. The Minish Cap
2006. Twilight Princess
2007. Link’s Crossbow Training
2007. The Phantom Hourglass
2009. Spirit Tracks
2011. Ocarina of Time 3D
2013. A Link Between Worlds
2013. Wind Waker HD
2014. Hyrule Warriors
2015. Majora's Mask 3D

My guests this time are Laura Kate Dale, Gary Blower, Glen Watts, Iain Hopwood, Lloyd Huhn, David Garcia Abril and Richard Lago. This show was recorded back in 2015 while the Switch was still called the NX, Breath of the Wild didn't have a name and Twilight Princess HD had yet to be announced. When we do a fourth Zelda show it will be a lot sooner and will be all about Breath of the Wild, which after thirty or so hours of play may be my favourite of them all.


Nintendo Special

March 3, 2017

Welcome to a show which explores why, after decades of producing consoles and video games, Nintendo feels special in a way that the others do not. More than two dozen people have recorded their memories and insight and sent them to me to arrange. A picture begins to emerge of a troubled relationship with someone capable of amazing creative endeavours and baffling business decisions. Someone who many of us can never fully let go because of the power of these happy memories of childhood, family and the hundreds of gaming worlds which we charted together (some of us literally, you had to draw your maps in pencil back then).

As the Switch is launched we look back on what the emergence of a new console meant to us, and why we always come back to a place of hope.

Infinite thank yous to my guests, without which this show would not have been possible.

1.   Intro*
2.   Brendan Agnew
3.   Sam Chapter
4.   James Batchelor
5.   Collin
6.   Daniel Floyd
7.   Daniel Den Heijer
8.   Toby Jungius
9.   James Carter
10.   Joshua Garrity
11.   My Old Friend Nintendo (Alex)
12.   Paschal Dooley
13.   Chris O Regan
14.   Leon Cox
15.   Blast Processing (Lyra)
16.   Bob Chipman
17.   Neil Taylor
18.   Nama Chibitty
19.   Derrick Ritchie
20.   James Perkins
21.   Gary and Imogen Blower
22.   Dan Mayer
23.   Darren Gargette
24.   Holly Dotson
25.   Cartridge Bros
26.   Jason Slate
27.   Matt Wardle
28.   Laureta Sela
29.   Alex Shaw
30.   Lyra Shaw

*Voices in the opening montage also include Alexander Jahans, Gustav Dahl and Johan Kristian Milde


Legends of Zelda

March 2, 2017

[SOEE #39]

Originally published July 16th 2010.

Maybe the best of the Digital Cowboys episodes. This is all about Zelda through the years, covering every game and it comprises extracts from many, many interviews with podcasters and the DC community.

What comes across is a very special game series. There is a justified reason why Nintendo releases these games in gold boxes and treats the moment as a major event. It's difficult in fact to imagine many others being recounted with such fondness and with such importance. The frustration is also there; the bad design decisions and the repetitive formula, amid hopes for the future, all underscored by 25 years of incredible music.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed towards this show, without your submitted rich experiences, it wouldn't have been a fraction as good.


Dan Ilson - Everything is Better with Beer & Gonzo Planet
Adam Capone - Joypod
Leon Cox - Cane and Rinse & GamerDork
Dits Symeou - The Gamerscene & Gonzo Planet
Alex Shaw - Digital Cowboys, Digital Gonzo & Gonzo Planet
Luke Carson - Digital Cowboys community
Mik Phillips - The Fanboys Lunchcast & Gonzo Planet
Ryan Astley - Gonzo Planet
Michelle Smith - Pink & Deadly
Paul Shotton - Digital Cowboys
Tony Atkins - Cane and Rinse & Digital Cowboys
James Batchelor - GameBurst, The WiiDS podcast & Gonzo Planet
Leah Haydu - GamerDork, Some Other Castle & Gonzo Planet
David Turner - Joypod
Roy Fortitude - Digital Cowboys community cast
Chris O'Regan - Superhappyfuntimeshow
Josh Garrity - Cane & Rinse, Digital Cowboys Community cast & Gonzo Planet
Edie Sellers - Gamehounds
Daniel Floyd - Extra Credits