Bad Reviews Against Humanity: Vol. 8

December 30, 2016

We're back for another dose of reading you the fevered rantings of the deeply, comically irrational. Jason "Chewie" Slate and Bill Bloodworth from the Magic: The Gathering podcast; The Mana Pool rejoin us, along with James Carter of Cane and Rinse, GameBurst's Jerome McIntosh and friend of the show Derrick Ritchie. 

As well as more awful Amazon reviews for great movies we also look at films whose titles got turned into something extraordinary during the translation, and a really alarmingly specific Japanese breakdown of the characters in FRIENDS.

We ended up recording three hours of this stuff so expect a Vol. 9 at some point in the next few months when we need some serious laughs again. 

Remember you can read these Bad Reviews daily on the @AmznMovieRevws Twitter feed. 

Next Week: The Sound of Gonzo: Vol 10 - The Marvel Cinematic Universe


The Sound of Gonzo Vol. 10: Disney

December 23, 2016

We're bringing this classic show format back after three years away (somehow it skipped over the entirety of Digital Drift). This is the prologue to our 90s Disney Renaissance series of podcasts. Since the songs get so much love and attention and are going to be showcased on our podcasts anyway I brought in James Batchelor to pick with me, pieces of music from the scores of ten years of the very best movies from the house of Mouse.

1. The Little Mermaid – Fathoms Below (Alan Menken
2. Rescuers Down Under – Cody’s Flight (Bruce Broughton)
3. Beauty and the Beast – Transformation (Alan Menken)
4. Aladdin – Cave of Wonders (Alan Menken)
5. The Lion King – King of Pride Rock (Hans Zimmer)
6. Pocahontas – Farewell (Alan Menken)
7. The Hunchback of Notre Dame – The Bell Tower (Alan Menken)
8. Hercules – A True Hero (Alan Menken)
9. Mulan – Burned Out Village (Jerry Goldsmith)
10. Tarzan – A Wondrous Place (Mark Mancina)


The Great Mouse Detective/Oliver & Company

December 16, 2016

We're back on the Disney shows with Daniel Floyd, this time on the cusp of the 90s renaissance. This episode delves lightly into two of the last examples of their Dog/Cat/Mouse fetishism that defined the post-Walt wilderness years.

The Great Mouse Detective, originally named Basil of Baker Street (from the novel) is Sherlock Holmes with rodents. Oliver is the Twisty Dickens tale with a cat and a bunch of dogs in a painfully late 80s New York, presided over by prostitute-hating mayor Rudy Giuliani. We never see him in the film, but he's there all the same, along with his derision for people of colour and the impoverished, which fits rather well into the Victorian principles of the source novel.

This show was actually recorded several years ago and I apologise for my frequent interruptions of Dan and Sharon. I knew better than that back then and I have no excuse. I'll simply try my level best to let them speak without butting in as we record the final Disney shows. This episode is well-timed in its release as Moana has just launched in theatres and it is absolutely wonderful! Go see.

Next week; The Sound of Gonzo returns with a showcase of the music of 90s Disney.


Stephen King’s IT

December 9, 2016

The bestselling novel of 1986, this is a story set across two time frames 28 years apart. In the small town of Derry, Maine the locals enjoy relative success, their harmony only broken every three decades when children go missing. Something is lurking down in the sewers, and it is hungry.

Seven childhood friends, calling themselves The Losers pledge to find out what this being is and if they can, stop it for good. They are not entirely successful. 28 years later, they regroup in their forties to journey back to Derry and finish the job.

The novel is huge, but I read through the whole thing, partly because this was a commissioned show, but mainly because it is one of Sharon's lifelong favourites and I hoped this would give me a little more insight into her inner workings. It did. When I had finished I felt like I'd been on a really significant journey.

We cover the two-part TV miniseries and speculate on ways that this might be adapted into the feature film duet beginning late 2017.

Next week, we lighten the mood with our return to the Disney specials with The Great Mouse Detective and Oliver & Company.



December 2, 2016

Another commissioned show, this one is a heist movie with a stellar cast that we had literally never seen before. It's also rare as unicorn horn in that it's a movie about hacking and tech that DOESN'T make you say "That's not how computers work!"

Requiring some veteran perspective we recruited Alasdair Stuart and Marguerite Kenner of EscapePod, Pseudopod and Cast of Wonders. The two of them took us through the myriad details of this now-forgotten treasure.

Next week with the horrors of the election ever so slightly behind us (though the world is still a hate-filled place, we brave the darkened sewers and take on take on Stephen King's IT.