Robin Hood

March 25, 2016

[SOM #150]

Robin Hood (1973) is 83 minutes of amusing shenanigans. It's twee, minimally dramatic, fun and light with lovable simple characters. It did not restore Disney to the heights of Snow White and Cinderella popularity it had previously reached. 

Originally we recorded a paltry ten minute chat about Disney's Robin Hood during our sessions with Daniel Floyd, because there really wasn't much to talk about aside from it being a pleasant experience. We decided to add to this with an in-depth discussion about the impact of this movie on a community that's been going far longer than any of us have been alive; the furries.

Since Sharon and I are not experts in this matter we brought in Lorin Grieve of A Year of Steam to explain how these folks tick in different ways, what media they love and some of the history, whilst dispelling a few prejudices along the way. 

We continue along these lines into next week's Zootopia show.


The Seven Most Important Superhero Movies

March 23, 2016

[SOEE #73]

On this very special episode (in the week I'm celebrating eight years in the podcasting game) I gathered Bob "Moviebob" Chipman, Parris Lilly of "Gamertag Radio" and Joe Cunningham of the "Cinematic Universe" podcast, and along with my wife and co-host Sharon Shaw we asked ourselves...  

Which are the seven most important superhero movies to date?  

Not our favourites, not best, most important.   

We debated them up and down the history and our conclusions may surprise you... or they may be the exact seven you chose in which case you have your finger well and truly on the pulse because we spent ages on this.   It's a brilliant episode and one I was so proud to host. A big thank you to our guests who brought all kinds of intelligent and reasoned viewpoints along with them. 

Be sure to check out the thread on this very subject on the forum and cast your vote. 

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101 Dalmatians / Sword in the Stone / Jungle Book / Aristocats

March 18, 2016

[SOM #149]

The Disney shows return. Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits is back to talk us through the difficult 1960s period for Walt Disney Studios.

101 Dalmatians
The Sword in the Stone
The Jungle Book
The Aristocats

Animation was changing, cinema was being influenced by television and for some reason people really liked British writers. In this show we'll talk about where Disney went after their expensive Sleeping Beauty project failed to hit Snow White status, and the aftermath of Walt's passing.

Sucker Punch

March 11, 2016

[SOM #148]

In the run-up to Batman V Superman, let's take a dive into the mind of director Zack Snyder. Let's look at how he sees the world, how he sees the human psyche and how he sees women.

Prepare for a furious battle of wills as Alex goes in guns blazing to take apart a film he never wants to talk about again, and Lorin Grieve of A Year of Steam defends the movie he loves. Sharon lies somewhere in the middle, but there's a hell of a lot about this that bothers her too.

Get some interpretations that the filmmakers definitely didn't consider, and learn how very vague their feelings are on what this story is actually about. 

Is this a determined feminist text or something far more clumsy and unintentional? The evidence gets presented in and epic disassembling that hopefully will leave your minds clearer. 

This happens to be our 150th dedicated movie show.