Bad Reviews Against Humanity: Vol. 6

January 8, 2016

[SOEE #87]

To see in the new year and take a brief respite from Star Wars we're doing another round of reading out some of the most irrational, sarcastic and hilarious movie reviews from the @AmznMovieRevws twitter feed. 

Along with this is a series of dramatic readings from many sources, most notably the fourth Fifty Shades of Grey book from the ongoing billionaire pervert saga; Grey.

Joining us from The Mana Pool (a Magic: The Gathering podcast that we guested on) Jason Chewie Slate, and Bill Bloodworth, and their buddy from Card Advantage; Aaron LaCluyze.

Once again, don't drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this one. We don't want to be responsible for any mishaps incurred while laughing hysterically.

Star Wars: Rebels

January 1, 2016

The first part of this show is spoiler-free so if you need any more convincing to go track this down on DVD or Blu Ray, let this be it. Recorded many months before seeing The Force Awakens this was the perfect show to draw us back into the world of Star Wars. 

It may seem very kid-friendly but it's got a lot of darkness and a lot of heart to back that up and some great colourful characters you will want to follow the adventures of. Neil Taylor of GameBurst and Alex Eding of Plaid Hat Gaming once again join Sharon and myself to return to a galaxy far, far away. 

The second part is all spoilerific character discussion and events that take place in the second half of the first season. We will let you know when to leave off if you haven't seen it yet. Remedy this at once, it's terrific! 

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