We Hate Movies

March 11, 2014

[Digital Drift 2014]

This week we talk to two of the hosts of one of the funniest, most insightful movie podcasts we've yet heard; Andrew Jupin and Eric Szyszka of We Hate Movies. 

As is discussed on the show, don't let the name fool you. You'd be hard pressed to find a bunch of chaps who love movies more than these guys, and while they often cover well-known stinkers they most frequently mine comedy value from films nobody ever seems to talk about, which tend to be the obscure, the ridiculous and/or the terrible. For many years they have accumulated a vast archive of reviews and experimental tangent shows, so once you've heard this episode go ahead and mosey on over to www.whmpodcast.com and check out what's on offer in the full collection. Then subscribe on iTunes and you'll find a generous helping of their shows on there.  

I'll confess to being a little excited at getting these guys on our show as we take the opportunity to ask all about how they started out, their review style, why they focus on these forgotten, dubious gems and we get to showcase some of the funniest moments of the past few years, including...

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Jaws: The Revenge, Casper, After Earth, Star Trek: Insurrection and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.

We also talk a little about my show for the benefit of newcomers, and why I haven't yet covered the Transformers franchise. Five more episodes of We Hate Movies, I heartily recommend for my listeners

Bad Boys II, Batman Forever, Godzilla, Mrs Doubtfire and A Good Day to Die Hard (Because we sure as shit will not be covering that last one).